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My Social Wall's the last Party of 2018 for ME @DexterousDjSky and @iyanya KUKERE is still TRENDING and killing the DANCE FLOOR...😘😁🤣🤣! Theirs nothing like...'it's an OLD song if U know how to…
40th BIRTHDAY Party and Baby DEDICATION....dagenham LONDON.
iamSkyDj and DjBigFILL on the WHEELS. @ Dagenham, United Kingdom
DexterousDjSky Presents:
*POVERTY DIE AFROBEAT MIXTAPE 2019* - Mixed and Mastered By DexterousDjSky😉 includes Top trending…
....At Sky Entertainment!
We not ONLY bring the Best Out of your KIDS PARTY. We ADD ....#Vibes, We ADD #Quality and we give your audience the best experience of a Party. Asides just…
@vanguardngrnews @vanguardngrnews ....Your company is a complete #disgrace! Now.. you will be sued accordingly. Whatever happened to investigative journalism #TiyínBayin. Am anxiously waiting for @DeleMomodu @ovationtv to do thesame gbagaun.... very irresponsible journalism....#Partisan #Mtsheew
.....PLEASE REQUEST DOWNLOAD ON WhatsApp 07788788755....😉
TO 2019*
DexterousDjSky Presents:
*POVERTY DIE AFROBEAT MIXTAPE 2019* - Mixed and Mastered By…
@GenevieveNnaji1 @GenevieveNnaji .... #TopQUALITY MOVIE👍👍ONE of the Best I have seen in a long while. What's really captivating is the car park scene were everyone including passers by became part of the movie itself! I kept asking myself...🤔Was the car...
Nothing spoils a good party like a genius..... My name is Sky ...😉#DjSky.
Night folks...#SweetDreams @ London, United Kingdom
@benmurraybruce Your car keys lost!? 🤣 One of the most STUPID comment I have read in 2019 already. Mtsheeeeeew. Mr. CommonSense ..Without sense. Ki Okunrin ri EJÒ.....KI OBIRIN paa. Make snake shaa no run away. 😅🤣😁
Baba 70!
When the Party is OVER and YOU decide to try out NEW rythms😂😁 @ Dagenham, United Kingdom
Here is one from the ARCHIVE!🤣😂😅🤣😂 This is 4 YEARS ago.🤣🤣😂 DexterousDjSky has been ROCKING TOWN teytey🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 . @ London, United Kingdom
Happy New Year.. To EVERYONE!
THANKS FOR THE LOVE and SUPPORT of the years! @DexterousDjSky And @vineofstyles lolatubs . @ London, United Kingdom
If she blocks, unblocks, blocks, and unblocks you... Marry that psycho. She really loves you
@iambolar 3Stomach! EtaaaNU.... Table doesn't lie.😂😉.
@Arsenal @MustafiOfficial.. Reason #Mustafi is the most useless defender in premier league.😂😂😂😂😂. Is the opponent rushing towards goal? Why slide. 😁😂😂
@Arsenal @MustafiOfficial I am beginning to hate this player so much I can stand him anymore! Lauren need to come back quickly. #Sickplayer causing us unnecessary points
@Arsenal... @MustafiOfficial is a sick player. Must U be told U av to take one for the team to STOP counter attack??😥😥 #CluelessMORON How did he even become a football player!? DeadPlayer
@adeyanjudeji @adeyanjudeji.... As your surname implies, #ADEYANJU.. Aiyé e ti YANJU😂😂😂😂😂. Olè ajúbolè. Cursing people because they have them own OPINIONS? 😂😂😂.
@adeyanjudeji @adeyanjudeji Bros! Just see as U finished your own life! People have rights to their opinions and choices. Because they don't accept Ur ideology doesn't mean they av to exit life for U! U demonstrate U are a complete...
@DeleMomodu @DeleMomodu.. OgaO ÈtaINÚ... 3Stomach! Why didn't U direct this to the appropriate authority #MrSaliU😂😂😂. #Conscience is an OPEN wound that ONLY truth can heal... If U like post all ur #Negativities,...#People know better! Nigeria is a work in progress.
@DeleMomodu @DeleMomodu.. And OBJ cleared the debts?😳😂 Oga.. It's good to always speak and defend with clear conscience Sir! OBJ didn't pay off all our debts as U claimed: A large chunk was wiped off ni Sir. Is this...
@DeleMomodu ...@DeleMomodu, God!😢😥 Are we this #gullible in this country?😫😢. #Lágbájá steals from the treasury,..#Lágbájá pays some share to a popular #Tàmèdùn who #Writes, #PostsPictures and #Portrays #Lágbájá as a Saviour to his #PEOPLE🤔. Hw on earth can we NOT...
@SaharaReporters #RenoOMOKRI.... Àni Wèrè ni yin Sir. You will never make comments good enough to settle Nigeria... Only comments that will divide us on ethnic grounds! #StupidMan.. If indeed U love Ur country and want PDP...come back to Nigeria naaa!...
@grownigeria2019 Wise Up Nigerians!....Una go pay for all this equipments soon😁😂😂. On whose #account?
@bukolasaraki No responsible #Nigerian will give cognizance to #GrowNIGERIA and even the pioneer behind it. As far as we are concerned it's a #SCAM put together to outsmart #Nigerian again.
@DeleMomodu @DeleMomodu Was the gift meant to keep @ogundamisi quiet!? APC accused @channelstv of being unfair in their reporting, #JohnMomoh came out to explain their position in clear terms. U should atleast be #transparent in ur reportin Sir. Etí tógbó...
@DeleMomodu Corruption is surely now fighting back!😂😂😂

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